Joni H. Stutzman


Attention Murlyn


Six months ago I realized that my produce cases needed to be replaced, so I went through the normal channels to get new produce cases. Four months later there were still no bids on equipment, no site visits, and no plans. With that I decided to go ahead on my own. I came up with a new concept, produce behind doors, so I contacted my Zero Zone refrigeration man and ordered the cases. Then I contacted my Mason Bros representative and asked if he could put together a plan, since to my knowledge this has never been done before. Bruce Bachke brought in Paul Gage and the team met with me to come up with a plan.


Paul suggested black interiors, to highlight the vibrant produce colors as the LED lights react to a customer approaching. Then they came up with an excellent plan for the equipment needed for display and the two different temperatures needed in the cases. In the end we decided on three doors set at 34/36 degrees and six doors at 37/38 degrees.


I gave them the approximate delivery date of mid‐June to the first of July. Zero Zone was able to change colors from white to black and deliver the cases within the promised six weeks. The cases were delivered, installed, tested, and ready to be filled on Fathers Day weekend. The team gave up their weekend to come and put their plan together. WOW!!


Talk about customer service!!


The end results are as follows:

  • 100% customer reaction of WOW!!
  • The quality of the products is maintained for an additional 4 to 10 days.
  • Sales have increased more than 10%
  • The original 5 horse compressor was replaced with a 1/4 horse for the 3‐door
  • and a 1/2 horse for the 6‐doors!
  • The electricity efficiency is eligible for a rebate from our power supplier.
  • There as been a huge increase in display space without additional square
  • footage.
  • In the plan we came up with, juices and fresh prepared potatoes were added to
  • the top two shelves since we now had more room for produce than we need


Mason Bros put together a team that put together a plan to help one of their smaller customers become more profitable and increase their produce sales and customer satisfaction, which has also increased total sales. I would highly recommend this team and this wholesaler to any retailer!!

Thanks again!

Joni H. Stutzman
Hoyt Lakes IGA